Friday, May 1, 2009

Going Green--A Very Disappointing Update

UPDATE 5/2: Yes, yes, in fact my recycling efforts ARE in vain! I found out today that Matt only actually puts the cans/cardboard in the recycling bin 60% of the time (his percentage). That's a D! The definition of a D is "needs improvement," and that's exactly what you need, Matt! All of my GREEN friends, jump on him please!!

His answer to my being upset about his throwing away recyclables? Well, you aren't using napkins or paper towels anymore, so your environmentally friendliness is about what is was before! *sigh*

May I say a big THANK YOU to Adam and Susanne for being the only people who have heard about my green efforts to NOT crack some sort of joke!

Maybe it's the fact that our school has just become a Green School. Maybe it's the trendiness of "going green" that's plastered all over the TV screens. Maybe it's that I have always been environmentally conscious and want to dig a little deeper. Whatever it is, I am really becoming a much "Greener" person these days!

Despite the constant jokes from my dear husband and mom, I have decided to stop buying paper towels and napkins. We still have a lot (I tend to stock pile, as do most thrifty sale shoppers!), and I told Matt that if he conserved, he wouldn't even have to use cloth! I bought a pack of 18 white washcloths for $4 at Walmart and now have them sitting in a little container in my kitchen. These will be our "every day" napkins and paper towels. Never fear--they won't be used to clean up chemicals, chicken juice, or any other disgusting messes. These will be used just as napkins would be--to wipe your mouth, clean up a juice spill, etc. This morning I used one to dry off the grapes I washed before putting them in the bag for my lunch! I got white so that they could be bleached easily. We do have "fancy" cloth napkins for when guests come over that match our decor a little better, so chances are none of you would ever use our "every day" cloths!

Although I have yet to actually get the buckets upstairs and into the bathroom (possibly because our garage is in complete disarray right now due to the termite treatments and I have no idea where our buckets are!), I am also going to start putting a bucket in the bathtub with me and collect any extra water. Then I will use the water to water the flowers! I already have some flowers growing (my hydrangeas are coming up, and I just planted blueberry buses), so I can start now. I just have to locate the buckets...

Always an avid recycler, I am now really trying to recycle all cardboard and paper. Matt HATES this and I'm not so sure that he's not just throwing it all in the dumpster, but my idealistic self hopes that my hard work is not for nothing. Is it, Matt?? Is it all for nothing???

The other day, I commented on our need for more toilet paper the next time I went to the grocery store. Without missing a beat, Matt replied, "Oh, we're not using the washcloths for that too? I thought we were getting rid of toilet paper!" *sigh* Jerk...NO, but I did buy Small Steps brand, which is made from recycled paper. (Plus, I had a great coupon!)

At any rate, I'm doing the best I can. I won't be starting a compost pile or anything like that (I think they are gross and attract bugs that I don't like), but I am trying....even if people do make fun of me! :)

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