Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I just joined this huge carnival of bloggers who all write "Not Me Mondays" about stuff that they most DEFINITELY did NOT do (but they really did!) It's a fun way to confess your here goes!

I did not cry at the thought of Caleb not needing to announce that he was awake in the morning--no, I did not begin to realize that my baby is growing up and has found other ways to entertain himself!

I did not go to sleep at 7:30 after I put Caleb to bed twice this last week because of utter exhaustion!

I did not eat an entire bag of popcorn for dinner...several nights in a row!

I do not have a "Salz" canister (that means Salt in German) that is actually a secret stash of chocolate.

I did not find myself thoroughly enjoying Little Einsteins yesterday morning. I certainly did not find myself wishing that it was longer and saddened when it was over!

I did not drive a remote control car all over the house knowing that it was getting marks all over the walls but having way too much fun chasing Caleb around to care.

I did not get completely grossed out during Communion at the thought of all the dirty hands that touched the Communion bread. I definitely didn't seriously consider not taking a piece to avoid contamination. After all, we are not in the midst of a Swine Flu epidemic!!

Okay, that's all I can think of right now. Hope I got you laughing! :)


Mom to 2 Munchkins said...

I knew about the "salz" container...I think I was looking for Becky's treat and I came across your stash.....I might have sneaked one too.... :) Just wait until Caleb finds it!!!!!

Mom to 2 Munchkins said...

Kinda glad I was walking 13 miles in the rain instead of taking communion and catching the swine flu...

Juls said...

.... Everyone needs a stash of chocolate, I'd say! :) Just had to come and say hi to another "Juls"