Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Southern Bell With Her Parasol

Well, now that I can no longer be in the sunlight AT ALL because of this hideous medicine I have to take for 2 weeks (thank you, evil Deer Tick!), I am forced to carry an umbrella with me whenever I'm outside for my 15 minutes of recess duty! Just call me Scarlet O'Hare...

What makes matters worse is that Field Day is Friday, and it probably won't work so well for me to be outside for 2 1/2 hours straight...*sigh* I really like Field Day (crazy, I know!) so I'm actually kind of disappointed. My principal is in the process of working out some sort of trade so that I can stay inside and do something that is probably NOT as fun as playing games outside, but it's better than getting blisters and boils on my skin!!

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tp said...

I am sorry about that deer tick :( but I am glad that you are taking care of it! even if it means carrying a parasol! :)