Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday! (except it's Tuesday!)

Yes, I know it's a day late. We went on an adventure yesterday and I didn't have time to post!

NO, I did not jump up and down clapping for joy and cheering with excitement over the three pieces of poop in the toilet put there by Caleb this morning!! We certainly didn't take multiple pictures of the deed to be put on this blog as soon as I get pictures put on a CD! Of course, we would never call both grandparents, his Aunt Amy, and our adopted daughter Heather (our other adopted daughter Erin is in Kazakstan right now, or we wouldn't have called her!) to share our good news! I certainly didn't tell my entire class the entire story only to listen to their groans of disgust!!

We did not continue our celebration tonight by setting off Rocket Balloons. Matt did not cause the very first balloon to land on the roof over the front porch! Caleb didn't scream in terror when he realized that his balloon was on the roof. What's more, we weren't unable to remove the screen from the spare bedroom to get to the balloon. We certainly didn't spend over 20 minutes trying to get to the balloon throught the 1-inch crack Matt managed to make by moving the screen to the side. Caleb didn't cheer us on the whole time. We didn't first use the Swiffer handle and then a long crooked tree limb trying to reach a SINGLE balloon (because we don't have 29 more!) I didn't finally reach the balloon with the stick only to flick it further down the roof. We didn't finally figure out how to remove the screen (by tilting in the window), only to still not be able to reach the wretched balloon! Of course, I would NEVER decide to climb out on the roof to reach the balloon. That would never even occur to me, because I am scared to death of climbing on the roof! I didn't finally get the balloon, safely return inside the house, and go back downstairs to the outside only to pop the ridiculous balloon on the very next launch!! Ahhh, the things we [don't] do for our children!

We surely didn't drive 3 hours to the Shenandoah Valley to go to a book fair yesterday! We didn't stay for only 30 minutes because there were no carts, we forgot to bring the stroller, and Caleb was rather uncooperative. We didn't drive a total of over 6 hours in one day just to look at books. We would never do that!

Until next week...

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