Monday, June 19, 2017

The New Normal

We are adjusting to our new normal at home.  Chloe is loving having Abby home and follows her around most of the day. She definitely missed her!


We are all very happy to be back together again.  Life is different though. Abby has lots of respiratory treatments and medicines throughout the day.  We realized very quickly that going up the stairs was too hard for her when she collapsed at the top of the stairs.  Now, we do everything that needs to be done upstairs before she goes down.  Then she doesn't go back upstairs until bed (and Matt has been carrying her).  She tires easily and coughs a lot. 10 minutes outside yesterday was too much for her and she was gasping for breath.  It's frustrating to her that she can't be as active as she was.

We are hopeful that it will get better and are trying to make things as fun as possible.  Since she's missing the camp she was supposed to go to this week, we are having camp here!  We did arts and crafts, water play, nature time, making fairy houses, computer time...all of the regular camp activities!  She loved it today.  For the rest of the week, she will have surprise visitors come to camp too!  She knows she will have visitors, but she doesn't know who.  I know she will be very excited!



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