Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Post op day 15

We went a different angle today and the doctor tried planning to put Abby on the bipap after lunch for 2 hours before she started working really hard to breathe.  

During lunch, I noticed her working really hard and would have put her on then anyway, so she definitely needed it.  After 2 hours, we took her back off and she lasted until 7.  She started working really hard again and we put her back on. 

It sounds like she will very well go home with this plan, which is disappointing.  It will also slow down some of our summer fun.  Her body just isn't ready to be without some extra support. We don't want to keep her in the hospital where she can catch something else, so it seems like this is probably the best option.

We did have some good fun today though!  She spent lots of time in the playroom.

We visited a new garden that just opened.  It's over 3 acres on the 6th floor of the outpatient building and has lots of fun things to check out!


We have been going to the library every day for a change of scenery and to read some books together.  Today she did some learning games on the computer too.  We are on our 3rd chapter book this admission now.  She's really enjoying being read to so much and it's a great alternative to watching tv all day!  We are reading American Girl books, so we have had a few history lessons too!  


Abby is so sad that she won't be able to go to the last day of school, but we have plans to FaceTime her class so she can say goodbye.  This has been a hard year, but her teacher has done SO much to help Abby feel accepted and loved!  We are so grateful!!

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