Thursday, June 1, 2017

Post op day 10

Yesterday proved to be a bit much for Abs.  She fell asleep at 6 pm and I had to wake her up at 10:30 am!!  She also, unfortunately, got sick last night and lost her entire feed.  It was sad. :(

Her respiratory rate was also really high all night, so the team took these 3 pieces of info and decided that maybe we pushed Abby too far.  They decided to step back a little to two 2-hour sprints today.  She did really well today and was able to stay awake all day for the first time.  I'm hoping we are headed in the right direction.

Abby enjoyed lots of arts and crafts today!  

She made a red panda craft,

And a picture of Poppy (with a little help from the art therapist!)

She also finished this lovely stained glass project from a fellow VEPTR family! 

She spent a lot of time playing with Model Magic too.  We made snakes, a bird nest, eggs, a bird, flowers, and a butterfly.  It's pretty fun!

We also did quite a bit of walking today, now that we finally have access to a portable pulse ox!  I'm hoping maybe I will convince them to let me take her off of the floor tomorrow. :)

We were hoping to come home this weekend, but the weaning is going a bit slower than we thought and we don't want to push her too hard.  We won't leave until she is ready.

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