Friday, June 2, 2017

Post op day 11

It was an exciting morning here!  Abby's wonderful teacher Skyped her in so that she could participate in the Author's Tea they had for their families!  Abby was able to read her story to her friends and hear some of theirs as well.  She was thrilled to see everyone, and told anyone she saw today about skyping with her class!

Abby also had a special visitor today, just in time for her bandage change!  Tarot got in bed with her and let her snuggle and hold a paw through the pain!


She was able to sprint for 3+ hours twice today, but she did sleep pretty hard this afternoon.  We will see how she does tomorrow.  

The bipap machine we will have at home was brought today.  It's pretty small and compact, but we don't have access to the information that I would like to have.  It is sent by Bluetooth to the homecare company, but we can't access it.  I'm sure a lot of people on cpap or bipap don't care about respiratory rates and inspiratory pressures, but I do!  Abby isn't the typical kid on bipap.

Quite honestly, this "new normal" is a little nerve wracking for us.  Seeing Abby's respiratory status decline is scary and we wish she would have bounced back a little faster.  But after the first terrifying days, we are thankful she is with us and will be coming home soon!

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Helena said...

Continuing to pray for you all. I'm so sorry that you're all gong through all this scary painful stuff. I pray that things are stable and you are confortable enough going home soon.