Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Family is the Best Medicine

Abs had another fun day with her cousins and Aunt Amy!  They played in the playroom for much of the day, played s very silly frog eyes game, and also watched the new Beauty and the Beast that Aunt Amy brought for Abby!

This afternoon, Abby went to the pulmonary clinic for a pulmonary functioning test (PFT). Abby has had many over the years and is very used to these.  She has been holding strong at 40% lung volume for several years, the last test being at the end of March.

Abby worked very hard today during her PFTs and was fully cooperative.  Unfortunately, her lung volume was at 16% today.  The respiratory therapist felt this was a very valid test.  We haven't talked to the pulmonologist since the test, but we know that having lungs this weak will make her even more susceptible to germs and that a little cold could make her very ill.  The resident attributed this sudden decline to the combination of the right VEPTR being removed and the sepsis attacking her respiratory system.

My germaphobic ways will be kicking into high gear, and we will definitely have to be even more careful with Abby. We are anxious to talk to the pulmonologist tomorrow to find out more about what this means for Abby.

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Helena said...

I'm sorry. I wish I had words to help and encourage. I'll keep praying for you all to feel God's comfort and strength during this difficult time.