Monday, June 5, 2017

Post op day 14

Unfortunately, Abby was unable to make it a full day today.  They wanted her to make it until 7:30 (her typical bedtime), but she started struggling around 3:00 again.  The doctor came in and felt that she needed to go back on the bipap.  

I really like the pulmonologist, and she knows our home pulm very well.  They are similar in approach and I appreciate her caution.  She just doesn't think Abby is quite ready to wean all day yet and that she just needs a little more time. 

After going back on her bipap, Abby fell asleep for several hours--a very deep sleep!  It was obvious that she needed the "lung break," as we have started calling it.

So we will just keep plugging away at the weaning and praying that she can make it all day soon. Once she goes all day for 2 days, we can come home. We will get there.


Joan Butler Potter said...

God bless her. She is such a fighter. You guys are in my prayers.

Helena said...

You will get there indeed. Praying for supernatural peace and comfort in the meantime.