Friday, June 30, 2017

Surgery recap

Surgery today was pretty quick because our plastic surgeon was unable to find enough healthy tissue for a skin graft to work.  Instead he cleaned out the wound, took lots of cultures, and put a wound vac in. The skin graft will be done sometime at the end of next week.  It's amazing how quickly that wound got bad.  

The culture very quickly showed something that hadn't been seen before, so that's an indicator of a more challenging infection.  We won't get the final results until Monday, but they put her on vancomycin to start killing whatever it may be.  It could very well be that these other bacteria were there the entire time, but they just weren't caught on that particular culture.  By our surgeon doing so many cultures, he had a much better chance of catching anything other than regular staph.  Looks like, he was right! 

Because of all of this, her surgeon is going to do a longer course with the wound vac than he originally intended in order to give her back the best chance of being healed once and for all.  

Thankfully, Abby woke up from anesthesia really well and hasn't shown signs of respiratory distress! She was able to get off of the bipap just a few hours after coming out of surgery, which was awesome!  The sass came out strong, which is always a good sign. đŸ˜‰

We will be here for a while again, but we are thankful for her stability and spunkiness!

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