Sunday, June 4, 2017

Post op day 13

Well, we have been here 2 weeks now (post-op day 13).  I've been trying to keep Abby busy and moving as much as possible.  We went on lots of walks around the unit, including one that focused on keeping her head up and straight (for short periods--that is very difficult and painful for her!). We also "escaped" again and got a few things in the CVS downstairs and picked up a sandwich at Jimmyjohns across the street.  (She was REALLY unsure about that being ok!  Lol!)

Abby has also continued to do lots of crafts, as usual!  She painted a keepsake box for a friend at school.  


We also spent a fair amount of time playing in the Batcave, fighting off the bad guys and being protected by our guard dinosaurs.  😂


Abby started out great with her all-day sprint, but she needed to go back on around 3 pm because she was working so hard to breathe (in the 70s-80s!) and she was retracting quite a bit.  She was also just sitting in bed when it was happening, so it wasn't like she over-exerted herself or anything. I'm trying to get her to recognize for herself when it becomes harder, so we talked about how she felt before and after the bipap was put back on.  We kept her on it for 2.5 hours and then took her off for dinner.  She went back on for bed.  I'm not sure what that will mean for her timeline, but I'm sure we will talk about it tomorrow at rounds.  The bottom line is that we want her to be safe going home.  If that means we stay longer, them so be it.

Tonight she was able to be put on her home bipap machine!  We want to make sure she tolerates that well before they send her home on it.  It's much smaller than the big one they have here!  And I also was able to figure out how to find the information I needed!  The girl said I didn't have access to that, but I do!  That will make me feel much better.


Thank you for your continued prayers!  Our girl has been through a lot during this admission, and her body is very tired.  It will certainly take a while for her to build up her endurance.

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