Saturday, June 10, 2017

Post op day 20

We are so far away from the surgery at this point that it seems silly to count it as post op day ------!  Starting tomorrow, I think I'll have to come up with some better titles!

It was a fun day today visiting with some great friends of ours who brought their family up to see us!  Abby and Caleb are close friends with their two boys, and the 4 played as if nothing had changed at all!  Abby was the happiest and best breathing-wise that I have seen her!  We were having such a great time chatting that I didn't even take any pictures.  :)

Thank you to all of you who sent e-cards!!  What an awesome surprise to receive 11 in one day!  Abby loved all of your notes!


We are on the slow and steady plan, but we are hopeful that Abby will be able to come off of bipap during the day.  This happening will symbolize her return to relative health and stability!  Please also pray that her incisions continue to heal and that she will eventually be able to get the right VEPTR put back in.  We believe that this is the key to her maintaining decent pulmonary functioning.  There's a lot down the road that could very well happen if Abby's ribs aren't able to expand properly, and none of it is positive.  It's just not typical for VEPTR kids to move backwards and end up needing bipap and such, so we truly feel that getting that right VEPTR back in is necessary.  But first, she needs to heal!

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