Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make Lemonade

Instead of waiting around for the phone call to tell us to come to the hospital, we decided to make lemonade and visit the zoo.  

Check out the peacock with his babies!

Riding the carousel 

The zoo has overhead tunnels where the animals can walk.  It's so cool!  This is a lioness over our heads!

It was his birthday today!

Momma and baby boy gibbons (he ran with his hands up over his head and it was adorable!)

The dad-to-be...his baby is going to be born in the next few weeks!

The one in the forefront is named Abby!  She's easy to pick out because of the long hair on her tail.

It was a really good thing that we went to the zoo.  We called every few hours to get an update and were strung along all day until 4:00.  I finally called at 4 to ask if I could feed her dinner and she said someone should have called us to say she had been bumped until tomorrow.  Ugh.  Gotta love hospital time!

This evening, Abby loved playing with her RMH friends.  It's such a nice group here!  A music therapist came to visit tonight and let them play all kinds of instruments.  

Hanging with Ronald :)

We do have a report time for tomorrow of 9:15, so hopefully that won't change!  

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