Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Chore

Now that Abby is a big kindergartener, we decided she was ready for an official chore and a little more responsibility.  (She already helped clean up her room and the playroom and empty the dishwasher, but she didn't have a daily chore to call her own.)

So we passed Caleb's job of feeding Chloe on to Abby and he's now in charge of vacuuming the kitchen with the floor sweeper.  They are both thrilled with their new jobs!  Seriously!

Caleb vacuums the floor like he is driving a race car and makes motor noises all the while.  Abby lets out a little squeal of joy every time she puts a scoop of food into Chloe's bowl.  They both crack me up!  

So what daily jobs do your kids have?  

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