Friday, September 30, 2016

So long, brace!

Well, it appears that the brace was short-lived.  Abby's incision wasn't healing well and was started looking pretty nasty.  The brace runs against the area of her kyphosis and is keeping it from healing.  I sent pictures to our surgeon on Thursday and he said to take the brace off.  After some emailing back and forth to discuss how long, he said that it needs to stay off until her incision is completely healed--and at that point, the brace won't do any good. more brace.

Abby is thrilled, because she pretty much hated it.  Matt and I are conflicted.  While it's much easier on us not to have our daily fight to get the brace on Abby, she was much safer in it and her posture would have improved as well.  

Her wardrobe suddenly improved tremendously, since button-Down's and leggings were about all she could wear with the brace. 

In other news, does anyone need some plaid shirts?!

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Raelyn said...

No more brace?! Well, although I'm sure that Abby is pleased with this happy news, I absolutely understand your feelings on it. Just remember.... God is in control, brace or no brace!! Keep your Faith in Him along this journey!! God is great and He loves Abby so, so, so much!! But I know I do not have to remind you--a pastor's wife--of this!! ;)
"Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn