Monday, September 19, 2016

Rehab Day 1

Abby's first day went well.  We eased into it with a nice long break between therapies, so Abby had plenty of time to play and rest.  She was fairly cooperative, and I hung back to allow the therapists to establish their place as the authorities.  Otherwise, she would never leave my side!  

We also enjoyed a nice visit with my cousin's wife Mary, who has been through more than her share of medical stuff with her son too.  It was really nice to chat and Abby enjoyed playing with her.  Later this evening, Caleb and Matt came to visit.  Abby always loves when they are here and hates when they leave.  It's never a long enough visit.  I miss my guys too.  It's not easy.

I have to say that I am so impressed with the staff here.  Everyone we have encountered, from techs to nurses to therapists have been excellent.  Everyone is attentive, great with the kids, and focused on the work.  The therapy center is fantastic and Abby loves going there!  She did several crafts, played games, watched a movie, and did a puzzle today!  They meet each kid where they are at and I love it! I even saw a therapist give a girl with poor hand control some special egg-shaped crayons that she bought this weekend especially for her so that she could color easier.  Watching that sweet gurl's face as she colored by herself was so beautiful!  Like I said, I've been really impressed.

Tomorrow's therapy alternates more, so Abby doesn't get as big of a break.  We will see how she does!  We also have our family meeting tomorrow to determine goals and a timeline.  

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Raelyn said...

"Tomorrow's therapy alternates more, so Abby doesn't get as big of a break. We will see how she does!" To quote Han Solo from Star Wars.... "Good luck! You're gonna need it!" Go Abby, go!! Hang in there, Momma!! Sending literal prayers and virtual hugs your way, Friend!! ;)
We're gettin' there. We're not there yet. But we're gettin' there! --Bruce Springsteen
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