Saturday, September 17, 2016

I love dogs!

Really, I do!  But I don't love when he tears up my daughter's brand new Calico Critters that she earned from Nina by working so hard at pt.  I don't love when he tries to steal her food. And I really don't love when his 100 pounds runs into her multiple times and I have to catch her once because she's about to fall over. 

The mom didn't even tell me about the toys until later, and she wasn't at all apologetic.  In fact, she told me the dog chews toys all of the time!  Even when Abby was sobbing over the dog eating her toys, she didn't really seem to care.  She made it pretty clear she really didn't want us there.

Since this became a safety issue with the dog running into her, I asked for Abby's room to be moved.  They have had multiple problems with this parent and completely understood.  After some thinking, they placed Abby with a little boy who has a very nice family and is very quiet.  He is pretty much bedridden and I haven't heard him talk, but the mom is very sweet.  I think we will be very happy here. And I am really glad the drama is over!

Abby eased into therapy today with just an hour of pt and an hour of ot.  Both were just evaluations, so they basically wanted to see what Abby could do.  She wasn't overly cooperative, but they managed to see what they needed to see.  

We spent the afternoon hanging out with Caleb and Matt, and then Nina, Paw Paw, Anna, and Lucy!  Abby loved all of the visitors and playing together.  There's a fantastic staffed therapy center that is a therapy-focused playroom.  It has just about every toy imaginable and the kids had fun playing.  There's no therapy on Sunday's, which means we can sleep in, enjoy the therapy center, walk over to Hopkins, and maybe get outside a little.

Besides the room drama, today was definitely calmer than yesterday!  The staff has all been super nice and helpful, and all of the techs are really great with the kids.  Abby is still distrusting of pretty much everyone, but I'm hoping she comes around soon.  Until she does, I am the only one who can touch her!  I'm looking forward to getting into a routine on Monday and truly starting therapy.

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Raelyn said...

Sending literal prayers and virtual hugs your way, Friend!! Hang in there, Momma!! Go Abby, go!! ;)
We're gettin' there. We're not there yet. But we're gettin' there! --Bruce Springsteen
"Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn