Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Day of Rest

Today was a nice day of relaxation!  There are no therapies on Sundays, so we just hung out.  Abby slept until after 9 and then we headed to the therapy center (playroom) after breakfast.  They have some great Barbies that Abby loves playing with!  After her lunch, we strolled to Hopkins so I could get some food and we visited the gift shop.  Abby went back to the therapy center for more play time while I got a quick shower.  Any day I get a shower in the hospital is a good day!  The therapy center staff is excellent and they really love the kids, so I felt comfortable leaving her for a little while.  I've been really impressed with all of the staff here!

Our roommate's family is so very sweet!  I have really enjoyed getting to know them.  They even offered to bring me food from The Children's House where they take turns staying!  They really love their son and are committed to helping him in any way they can.  I am so thankful that we made the room change and are now with like-minded people.

Tomorrow starts the intensive therapy, so let the fun begin!

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Raelyn said...

Good luck on today's intensive therapy sessions!! Go Abby, go!! Hang in there, Momma!! Sending literal prayers and virtual hugs your way, Friend!! ;)
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