Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Post op day 5

We are making progress on the rehab front.  All of the Evals were done and the request was sent to insurance for approval.  Insurance would only cover a MD facility, so they put in for Mt. Washington.  Unfortunately, they don't have beds for the rest of the week.  The earliest would be Monday.  Now, the case manager is hoping to get a one-time approval for her to go to rehab here because we could move in tomorrow.  It seems silly that they would pay for an acute care facility while we wait for a bed at MW, but won't pay for us to move to rehab here.  Of course, this is the same insurance company that REQUIRES us to take a bunch of medical supplies we don't need, simply because Abby has a gtube.  We aren't allow to refuse them.  🤔. We are hoping to get an answer about rehab tomorrow.

This morning was filled with PT, OT, art therapy, and Legos!  Building the set and playing with it occupied her for several hours.  Score!

PT brought Abby a temporary walker to use until she can walk independently again.  She likes it a lot, which means we have to limit how much she uses it! :)  we did get her to do a few steps independently today (from the Riley to the sink), so she's making progress. 

Abby also got her brace today, which she absolutely hates.  I can't blame her.  It looks so uncomfortable. 

She screamed, kicked, and hit me until I finally found someone from Child Life to come help.  She helped calm her down and convinced her to go to the drum circle. I think she may have even had a tiny bit of fun! :)

She has been pretty miserable all evening as she relearn show to walk and navigate her way without being able to turn her head. She also said it's really hard to swallow.  I think I may take off the neck part for meals, because she has to eat!  I feel awful for her, but I reminded her that we can do hard.  We have done much harder than this.

She's now watching some hard-earned cartoons before bed.  She doesn't have to wear the brace while sleeping, so she is very happy about that!

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Raelyn said...

Sending prayers your way, Friend!! Hang in there, Momma!! Hugs!! ;)
We're gettin' there. We're not there yet. But we're gettin' there! --Bruce Springsteen
"Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive", Raelyn