Friday, August 15, 2014

So Sorry for the Delay!!

We ARE home!  We got home late Tuesday night after a five hour battle with multiple supply companies because our supply company gave us an oxygen tank with a broken regulator.  We were seriously afraid we wouldn't be able to come home that night because of it, but CHOP came through for us!

Since we walked in the door, I have been in high gear.  I spent Wednesday trying to rediscover our living room floor, learn how to use our new oxygen equipment, and try to keep a very cranky little patient happy.  On Thursday, I jumped back into work with two feet while my mom stayed with the kids.  I came home before nap time so that she wouldn't have to worry about the oxygen stuff. Today was a repeat of yesterday, except that I got to eat some yummy crabs while Mom took care of the kids (that's hard to do with crab goo all over you!).  AND, Abby was able to break out of the house-jail for a few hours and go to the farmer's market.  She rode in the stroller most of the time and was really tired by the time she left, but she enjoyed petting the dogs and seeing some friends.  I think she liked wearing real clothes for the first time too. :)

At this point, Abby's pain is minimal and she hasn't been taking pain meds very often at all.  Her biggest issue is the eating right now.  She refuses to eat much of anything at all and throws up just about everything we do manage to get into her.  Today was better--she ate small amounts of yogurt and didn't throw anything up!  This is progress.  Let's just pray she continues to improve and eat more, because she really can't lose weight!

Thank you for all of your prayers!  I have LOADS to blog about and lots of thank yous to give as well, but I wanted to at least give a quick update.  :)

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