Sunday, August 10, 2014

Post-op day 5

Today was a really good day!  Abby had the best night's sleep so far, and enjoyed lots of time coloring, visiting the atrium on the main floor, and playing in the playroom.  We even took a little walk outside!  She was able to sprint off of the oxygen for several hours today, but wore herself out and needed it again this evening. Perhaps it was the jumping on the bed that did her in...wish I was joking!  The girl is a maniac!  

We have had our favorite nurse for the third day in a row, and that makes things so easy and pleasant too.  She is so sweet and genuinely interested in Abby.  She's definitely a peds nurse!  I appreciate that she recognizes how well we know Abby and takes her cue from us.  

Abby also ate much better today and even drank 8 oz of pediasure!!  This made me so happy!  Her iv blew tonight, but because of her great fluid intake today, they didn't have to put another one back in.  We are hoping that was the last iv she will need during this stay.  If anything, she is enjoying the freedom for a little while!  

Thank you for continuing to pray for us.  We feel so loved and supported by our friends and family!  Group hug!!  :)

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