Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Florida 2014: Dreams Do Come True!

Today is Abby's surgery.  Instead of posting something emotional and worried, I wanted to share a few pictures of her getting a dream come true!

Abby wanted to meet Elsa and Anna SOOOOO badly.  We just couldn't justify standing in the rumored 4 or 5 hour lines for one of only two days at Disney World, so we prepared her that it was not going to happen.  She would see them in the parade and yell hi!  

Well, God bless the Disability Access Service Card.  It was worth it just for this one moment.  We were able to sign up to see them and just come back at the noted time.  Glorious!!!  We didn't tell the girls until we were in the hallway waiting to go in, just in case it didn't happen.  It just seemed too good to be true!  Their faces were priceless when we told them!

Walking into the room to meet Anna and Elsa, Abby just lit up.  It was so sweet, and I will admit getting a little teary-eyed watching her in awe of her favorite characters. 

What a wonderful, beautiful memory.  I will treasure it forever!

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