Sunday, August 3, 2014

Florida 2014: Downtown Disney

We saved most of our shopping for Thursday when we went to Downtown Disney, except for the Elsa doll and Frozen figures that we stumbled upon at Disney World.  Any parent of a Frozen lover knows that these precious items are in high demand and we weren't about to pass them up!  It was a good thing too, because I never saw those Frozen figures anywhere else and Amy and I bought the last two sets in the store!!  

If you've never been to Downtown Disney, it's a huge expanse of shops totally separate from the parks.  You don't have to pay to go there and there are quite a few restaurants and picturesque places.  I've heard it becomes quite a hot spot at night with the adult crowd, but I'm a mom of two and wouldn't know anything about that!

The kids were quite excited to spend the money they'd been given from grandparents and us.  (I shamelessly held "Disney Dollars" over their heads for the last few weeks before our trip in an effort to keep my sanity!)

Caleb was able to build his own light saber, which delighted him to no end.  He got to choose every piece from the bar (pictured in the background) and was in Star Wars heaven.  He also built his own droid and got a tshirt from Lego Land and Disney World.  We encouraged him to get things he couldn't get other places (like Legos!).  He was quite happy with his purchases!

In addition to the Elsa doll and Frozen figures, Abby got a Mr. Potato Head and a Lego Land tshirt with her spending money.  The Mr. Potato Head is a pretty good deal because you can shove as many random pieces in this box they give you as will fit (as long as you can close the lid!)  Well, you know me...I got as many pieces in that box as I possibly could! 

Abby loved the magical mirror that turned her into a princess!

Caleb found the Tick Tock Clock to be endlessly entertaining.  He fought with it for quite sometime.  I think he won.

Another futile attempt to get a picture with all of the grandkids for Nina. I got 4/6!

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