Thursday, August 7, 2014

8:15 update

Abby is pretty sick from the anesthesia and hasn't been able to keep anything down yet.  This was surgery #8 and she has never vomited from anesthesia before, so this is a new and unwelcomed development.  She has been pretty miserable!  For now, she is on a clear liquid diet.  

She had lots of visitors yesterday. Caleb, the Bevards, Nina and Paw Paw, and Aunt Judy all came to see her.  Abby was pretty sleepy, but we did get a few half smiles from her.  

She went to the picu from the OR, but was sent to the floor because she was doing so well.  There definition of "doing well" is different than mine, but it was good to get on the floor where they don't have to do vitals every hour around the clock.  

Until about 2:00 am, Abby alternated between throwing up, desating, and being in pain.  We need her to take deep breaths to keep her oxygen levels up, but doing that hurts.  I sit her up to make it easier, but that makes her throw up.  She was just miserable and I couldn't help her.  It was so sad.  She also needed to pee and hadn't, and they were threatening a Foley catheter.  Although the nurse was reluctant to do the bedside commode instead of the bed pan because every little movement made her throw up, I took the opportunity to try right after she emptied her stomach.  I figured that would be the best time to see if she could go.  I was right!  She went right away, and then was able to sleep pretty well from 2-6.

I am trying to convince them to let me give her some crackers to see if I can get her to keep something down.  I know that when I'm sick, that is better to me than clear liquids.  I'm holding off on ordering her breakfast in hopes that I can get her something of substance!

The doctors haven't come to round yet.  Thankfully, Abby's pain seems to be managed right now and her incisions look good.  

A sweet doctor friend of ours from Abby's nicu days reminded me that this is all normal and we just need to give it a little time.  I was so thankful for her wisdom!!  Thank you for continuing to pray for Abby.  Although she didn't have the veptr implant yesterday, her ribs did take an awful lot of trauma and will take a while to heal.

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Raelyn said...

I have not been commenting on people's Blogs lately, as I've enjoyed myself quite the busy Summer. However. I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading each and every update on Abby!! They were unable to implant the VEPTR?! How discouraging that must have been for you.... Hugs!! Prayers!! ;)
Love you later, Raelyn