Friday, August 8, 2014

Post-op day 3

Wow, what a difference a day makes!  Abby made a whole lot of progress today!  We got her out of bed and standing for a while.  She did well, and wanted to go do a craft in the child life playroom.  She walked there with assistance!  I was amazed at how well she did.  It tired her out quite a bit, but she seemed to enjoy the change in scenery.  The Bevards left this morning and Abby was very sad to se them go.  After a good nap, she was ready for more visitors!  Both sets of grandparents came to see her and she played a little in bed.  

Later, I enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour nap, shower, and hot meal at rmh...all in one day!!!  It was glorious.  Matt stayed with Abby and they went to the playroom again.  This time she was taking some steps unsupported and even bent down to pick something up and went on her tiptoes to reach.  From that respect, she is doing really well.  She's very unwilling to move her arms above shoulder height though, so we will have to work on range of motion. 

Abby is off of iv pain meds and just taking everything orally!  This is a big step. They did hook her up to fluids overnight because she's not drinking much yet.  She ate a few bites of yogurt, some apple juice, and a few sips of pediasure today.  The eating will be a very slow process.  We will get there.

Tonight, Abby pulled her oxygen cannula out in her sleep while I was in the bathroom (in her room).I heard a beep and came out to check on her.  Her oxygen levels had dropped significantly in less than 2 minutes.  So for right now, she's telling us that she needs some oxygen.  She had a hard time recovering from the drop and was working a little too hard, so the nurse bumped her oxygen up.  She is now doing really well and is resting very comfortably. We won't be going home until the oxygen is back to baseline, since she has never been on any.  

We appreciate your continued prayers for our girl!  Slow and steady. :). Today was a good day!

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