Saturday, August 9, 2014

Post-op day 4

Abby's days are getting better, and she is enjoying the playroom.  We even were able to take her off of the floor for a little while for a change in scenery.  

Last night was really rough.  Neither of us got much sleep at all.  They transitioned her to all oral meds and the oxy just isn't working as well as the morphine.  The nurse finally gave her a rescue dose of iv morphine to get her through the pain.  They were able to up her Valium to hopefully fill in those gaps, so I am hoping tonight is better. It's not too much of a problem during the day, but nighttime is hard because the back muscles get stiff and start to spasm.  

Bright and early this morning, Joe Resident sauntered in and announced that we would be going home today!  Uhhhh....she's on oxygen, her pain isn't managed, and Dr. c said he would see us Monday!  Nope! Our nurse was so annoyed with him!

The big issue is that Abby has become pretty oxygen-dependent.  I can't even take it off for a minute without her desating, as I learned when I unhooked her to put her on the potty and she went from 96 to 78 in 30 seconds.  Our day nurse thought she needed a chest X-ray and I agreed.  After all, she wasn't oxygen-dependent when we came here and now she needs a liter to even stay above 90!  Even with a liter, she sometimes dips.  There was also a little incident that happened during surgery where the lung got knicked, and I wanted to make sure that wasn't the cause of the problem.  

The same Joe Resident from this morning said she just needs to take deeper breaths.  Try telling that to a 3 year old when every breath hurts!  I said I wanted one anyway, so we just got back.  I don't know if we will get results tonight.  

Please pray for her breathing, as well as that Abby starts eating and drinking well. It has been a very slow process.  So far, no one has mentioned a feeding tube.  Let's hope we get her going soon before they do!

Sorry these aren't more entertaining.  I'm on the iPad and typing is hard to do.  Plus, I'm downright exhausted!  A basic update is about all I can do. Bare with me!

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