Monday, August 4, 2014

Pre-op Day

Abby had pre-op today and had to be stuck 3 times before they got the blood they needed. We met with the anesthesia team and found out that our awesome anesthesiologist from when she had her MRI will be with her again!  We are thrilled, as he is the only person who has successfully intubated her!  

We still haven't gotten into rmh, and we had to move hotels because the hotel we stayed in last night was totally booked tonight.  Ugh!  We found another hotel that isn't so booked up and is close to Target and lots of restaurants, so we will hopefully be able to stay here until we get into rmh.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the indoor pool tonight.  We went next door to target to get Abby a bathing suit, since we didn't expect her to do any swimming.  We went to dinner tonight at Joe's Crab Shack, where I got crabs for probably the only time this season.  They were fabulous!

Tonight, please pray that we get into rmh tomorrow!!  I really don't want to have to move on the day of her surgery!!  

Also, please pray that the insurance issues we are having get resolved.  It's a long story, but we have Obamacare to thank for this one....

Tomorrow, we plan to spend some time as a family visiting the Please Touch Museum, a Philadelphia children's museum.  Then we will take Caleb to my parents where they are camping.  

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