Monday, August 11, 2014

Silver shirt

The silver T shirt that Abby has been in for all of the pictures is actually given to us by the orthopedic department.  Silver has anti microbial and pain relieving properties and these shirts are used for all veptr and spinal fusion kids.  It's also a compression shirt, so it provides some cushion and comfort that way.  While it is difficult to get on and off because it's so tight, she is very comfortable in it!  Good thing, because she is required to wear it!  She could put something on top of it if she wanted, but she is very comfortable in it and doesn't want to have anything else.  

I'm not sure how long she will need to wear it, but I do know that she will have it for each veptr surgery and many kids still wear them at home.  We will have quite a collection over the years!  

(This is an old picture taking right after surgery!  She looks much better now!)

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