Monday, August 4, 2014

Florida 2014: Meeting Cinderella

We had another special dinner Thursday night.  There's a great character dinner with the Cinderella characters at the beautiful Grand Floridian.  It's about as close as we will ever get to staying at a place like that!!!

Now, the first character dinner with Mickey didn't go so well.    Abby was less than thrilled with costumed characters coming up to shake her hand.  But princesses are another story!!  We already knew she was fine with meeting princesses, since she'd done great with Anna, Elsa, and Ariel.  And she was thrilled about meeting Cinderella!

The princess even dressed up like Cinderella!

We got pictures taken outside of the dining room.  All of the photographers are so nice about taking pictures with your camera in addition to doing the professional ones!

Abby was beside herself when she saw Cinderella head our way!!  She climbed out of her seat and went around, not even waiting until Cinderella came to her!

She also enjoyed meeting Prince Charming!  (Side note, the place is way to crowded to even dream about getting a picture without someone in the background...oh well!)

Madam Tremaine was fantastic!  She remained true to her character the entire time and was so believable!

Anastasia was my favorite!!  She was hysterical, and took a big liking to Owen!  

He was less than thrilled and spent the remainder of the dinner fussing making it clear that he was not amused.

With Owen out of the picture, Anastasia tried to give Caleb a smooch.  He responded by diving under the table!

And Bruce had to have a little fun with Anastasia too...he gave her the "okay" sign!

Drisella wasn't as entertaining, especially compared to Anastasia.

Princess Lucy didn't want to wear her costume, but she did keep the crown on for a while.

This was my favorite dinner.  Although Caleb wasn't really into it (after all, it's all about princesses!), Abby thoroughly enjoyed herself.  The food was really good.  AND, they had delicious strawberry soup there that is completely pureed and Abby loved it!!  I got the official recipe and made it the other day.  It's yummy, full of fat, and Abby-approved, so we're adding it to her meal rotation!

I think next time we will definitely do some kind of meal with princesses and maybe try to find something a bit more manly for Caleb too.  Star Wars, perhaps?  (Maybe Abby will be better about masks by then!)

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