Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Despite illness's best efforts to keep us from the pumpkin patch this past weekend, we were still able to go.  We went to a new-to-us patch in hopes that it would be a good place to take the youth group.  

Two and a half words.

It wasn't.

The place was, dare I say, a bit ghetto.  The workers didn't seem to care at all about their jobs and they weren't the slightest bit helpful. There was trash everywhere, cigarette smoke drifting through the air, and the family-oriented pumpkin patch had a beer garden.  Half of the adults there were drunk.  Lovely.

Nevertheless, Abby and Caleb had a good time.  They watched a cute little movie called Spookly, and then got pictures with a big blow-up Spookly.

There was a corn teepee that Abby liked to play in (this was the structure that made the teepee)

There was a pseudo-hay pit, but it wasn't deep enough to really jump in.  The teenagers there just dumped it on each other.  Caleb liked climbing on the hay bales though.

It was pretty chilly there, and we weren't dressed for that.  It's amazing how different the temperature can be just an hour away!  Abby was freezing by the time I took this picture--she was just done!

They did enjoy themselves over all though, and we satisfied our thirst for a fall family outing.  But we won't be going back there again!

****The biggest highlight of the trip was meeting a bloggy friend in real life!  She's a friend of a friend, so she's not totally unknown, but I'd never met her in person.  It was cool to recognize her (and her cute kiddos!) at the patch and chat a little!

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Anonymous said...

You sound just like me.....You turned a nuffin punkin patch into soffin the kids could enjoy, sorry had a little too much of that whiskey that they be serving over younder to keep warm. Glad it all worked out!