Monday, October 15, 2012

So Thankful

I have been really thinking lately about how thankful I am that Abby was born into our family.  Not just because I'm blessed to be her momma (and oh, how I am!!), but that I have been considering how different an outcome it may have been if Abby had been born in a third world country, or to a very young mom who seemingly had no other options, or to a family 30 years ago, or in a Communist country that doesn't believe in the sanctity of life.

Being born 30 years ago, even to a fighting family like ours, the medical knowledge of how to treat kids with issues like Abby's just wasn't there.  CCMS had just recently been identified and was pretty much a death sentence.  Kids with trachs were usually sent to pediatric nursing homes because pediatric home care was pretty scarce.  Certainly, kids on ventilators were not at home.

Thank you, Lord, for giving Abby to us at the perfect time, in the perfect place.

I was just explaining to Caleb how we don't believe in luck because we know that God does everything for a reason.  Even the things we view as "bad" at the time have positive outcomes in one way or another.  Everything happens for a reason.

Nothing is out of God's control.  He knew exactly what He was doing right from the beginning with Abby.  As much as we struggled to have her, God waited until we would be financially stable enough for me to be able to go part-time to take care of her.  People were put in our lives throughout the years to allow us to learn about tracheostomies so that we would be somewhat familiar.  He gave us wonderful doctors and nurses during my five weeks in the hospital who would carefully plan everything so that everything about Abby's birth would be as well thought-out as possible.  Although the mindset of some of the NICU doctors frustrated us, God gave them the skill and quick thinking to save Abby's life, and allowed them to witness first-hand a miracle...or two...or ten!

Everything happens for a reason, folks.  Sometimes it's hard to see the purpose when you're in the thick of it, but once the smoke clears and you can take a step back, it is beautiful to see how carefully orchestrated everything has been.  God has been with us every step of the way.


Pat Hetzler said...

Beautifully stated, and God saw to it that Abby the perfect parents to raise her.

Sandy said...

Why YES He has !! :)