Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Abby had a wonderful birthday!  Thanks to so many of you who wished her a happy birthday.  It means SO much to me as her mom that so many of you get it.  You realize how special each birthday is.  You understand the miracle of each day.  You celebrate the obstacles this child has overcome.  Thank you for that.  Thank you!

We started out the morning waking Abby up with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, then took her downstairs to open presents.  Abby's main present was a humongous rather large doll house with lots of furniture and people.  I wrapped the pieces separately so that she would have more presents to open, since that's the best part when you're two!

She also got a Hello Kitty hat and playground ball.

After seeing Caleb off to the bus, she got a little Daddy time while I went to the chiropractor.  We met up at the library for Monday Morning Movies and More.  This week was Angelina Ballerina, which Abby seemed to like.  They sang Happy Birthday to her too.  Matt left from the library for a pastors' retreat.  

When she woke up from her nap, I taught Abby the fine art of how to play in her dollhouse--which is now in her room.  She's definitely getting the hang of it, and it's cute to listen to her chattering to the people.

We got Caleb off of the bus and played in the beans for a while.  I don't think they had any fun at all--do you??
(These pictures were actually taken yesterday because I was remiss in taking any during today's playtime, but you get the idea!)

My sister and her family came over for a fancy dinner of grilled cheese and various party leftovers.  They only come here for my awesome cooking!  The kids played, ran a muck, and snuck candy corn.  Caleb and Abby also got a little Lucy snuggle time in!

Throughout the day, Abby had several birthday phone calls.  She even received sweet birthday cards from her favorite NICU nurse from all the way in Hawaii, and from some sweet members of a church who haven't met Abby, but who love and pray for her!

Caleb ended the night with a sweet prayer that included thanking Jesus, "For the blessings You have given us, for the miracle Abby is, and for letting her live to see another birthday."  His words, without any prompting.  I love that boy.

Now my two year old and my five year old are snug in their beds snoozing, and I'm posting pictures of just a "normal" birthday for a girl who is so much more special than normal!

It was a great day that brought a lot of smiles...and a few happy tears!

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