Thursday, October 4, 2012


Caleb has been working really hard on getting his training wheels off of his bike, but our driveway and street are not the best place to practice because of the hills.  We took him to his school last Sunday evening to ride around in the parking lot, which was the perfect place to practice!

When we got there, there was another family with a little girl playing on the playground.  At second glance, I realized that this is the family who we saw and spoke with the very first time we ever took Abby to a playground back in May 2011...trach, ventilator, tubes, and all!

She was in her mega-stroller and I think I only took her out for a few minutes to sit on the swing with me!

But it felt so good to be doing something so normal, even if nothing about the situation was very normal.

The family was very gracious when we met them, and they asked a lot of questions about Abby.  We, of course, didn't mind at all.  They left before us and wished us well.

Fast forward to September 30th, 2012!  WHAT a difference!!!

We really didn't think the family would remember us, so we just smiled and said hello.  The mom stopped Matt and asked if that was the same little girl they met so long ago.  He smiled and said yes.  The woman just went on and on about how amazing it was to see her like this!  She said that every time they pass the playground, they think of our family and hope that we are doing okay.  And there we were, doing so much more than just okay!

It was so wonderful to be able to show this family a real, living miracle.  Who knows if we will ever run into them again at the playground, but I pray that they remember that miracles do happen!

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