Friday, October 19, 2012

Singing and Helping

Although I haven't yet caught it on video, Abby is starting to sing along to songs we sing!  Her favorites are "Happy Birthday" and "Oh Happy Day."  She often sings them in her bed after we say good night, and it is the cutest thing to hear over the monitor.  She throws her arms up in an O shape for the "Oh," and it cracks me up!

My girl also loves to help me around the house.  She pushes the wet clothes into the dryer, hands me clean clothes to fold, and picks up her toys so well!  She LOVES to empty the dishwasher, and comes running as soon as she hears me start.  My favorite is that she can match the lids to the Lock and Lock containers, put them on, and sticks them in their proper place in the cabinet! She also can put the silverware in the right sections.

Cognitive delays, my foot!

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