Thursday, October 25, 2012

Party Recap

So how did the Hello Kitty party go?  Purrrrr-fectly!  (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

A lot of people were out of town for the three day weekend, but we still had plenty there to help us celebrate Abby's day.

The kids colored,

played in a pool of packing peanuts (AKA: the kitty litter!),

(Why yes, it was a humongous mess and probably not my best idea ever!)

and had a great time digging in our bean bin.  I think that was the biggest hit!

All three of Abby's former nurses came to the party.  Abby has never seen all three of them at the same time, and she was totally confused!

We sang "Happy Birthday..."

...complete with the ugly cry from me.  It wouldn't be the birthday song without it!

Abby couldn't quite blow out the candle, so I helped!

This year, we had super-soft sugar cookies with frosting piled up in a cake-like pile, because Hello Kitty makes sugar cookies in every episode!  My hope was that Abby might eat a little of it.

She did!  She LOVED the cookie!

Caleb bought Abby a present with his own money, and even wrapped it himself.  He was so proud.

He got her a book titled, Happy Birthday, Princess!  It's an I Can Read book that he can read to her, so he was even more thrilled with his choice.

The highlight of the day for Abby was getting her new Bitty Twin, Joy.  This was her first glimpse!

Joy even has glasses just like Abby!

I had a photo booth all set up, but I forgot about it a midst all the chaos until the end of the party!  I did get a few people's pictures.

It was a great day!

Pictures of food, decorations, etc. to follow!  

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Debbie said...

Once can't read through this and see the pictures and not cry, i.e., cry tears of total happiness and wonderment. What a truly joyous celebration - God is good.