Friday, October 12, 2012

Good Mail Day!!

It was a good mail day!!!!  

My long-time friend Elizabeth sent Abby and me the cutest bracelets ever!  What a fun way to start the weekend!  Wanna see?!?

Mine is a sweet little bracelet with black Swarovski crystals.  

On either side of the heart, I have one garnet and one opal because they are Abby and Caleb's birthstones.  

I knew about that part, but the heart with the sweet picture of Abby and Caleb (with We Choose Joy on the back!!) was a complete surprise.  


Abby's teeny little bracelet is, of course, Hello Kitty.  :)  There are dark and light pink Swarovski crystals on hers, with a dangling Hello Kitty charm.  

This girl woke up in a nasty mood after her nap.  The tears immediately stopped when I handed her the bracelet.  Can you guess what her favorite part is??

Both of our bracelets are very well-made.  Elizabeth creates all of the tiny links in between crystals by hand.  Yeah, I have NO idea how to do that!  The clasps seem strong enough to withstand the tugging of a little girl who wants to hold her Hello Kitty charm in her hand! 


You can browse Elizabeth's Etsy shop and find something pretty for yourself.  She has lots of pre-made necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and also takes some special orders.  All of her pieces are very reasonable--think Christmas presents, guys!  I'm partial to this one!  :)

I also think that these medical bracelets are pretty cool for the special needs mommas out there.  If your child needs to wear a medical alert explaining a severe allergy or condition, at least it can be pretty!  This is definitely a big step up from the ball chains that usually come with the medical bracelets.

Thank you so much, Elizabeth!  Abby and I are both loving our new accessories.  I'm pretty sure she will be wearing it to her birthday party!  :)

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