Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Kitty Party

A lot of the decorations were bought at Walmart, where they have an awesome selection of Hello Kitty party supplies!

The tooth picks were originally for cupcake toppers, but I decided to do the cookie cake instead.  They worked just fine for veggies, fruit, and cheese!

We had raspberry lemonade in pink cups with umbrellas and straws--very girly!  I also had bottles of water and Capri Sun Roaring Waters.

This is the Hello Kitty cake, because Kitty makes sugar cookies on every episode.  It was a big, yummy hit--and SO easy!!

The lollipop arrangement was popular too.  Some snuck a few without their parents looking!

A few more sweet treats

We had Hello Kitty goody bags too!  (Caleb had me make superhero bags for the boys, who he did not feel would appreciate such girly favors.)

As far as activities, we had a bean bin, "Kitty Litter" (packing peanuts in a baby pool), Lego Duplos, coloring, and necklace making.  

We also had a time for the kids to decorate and fill bags for the kids at the Ronald McDonald House.  While it ended up being a little more involved than I originally planned, it got done and the bags look great!  The kids at RMH will love it.

I literally JUST realized that I did not bring these HK lanterns, which I painstakingly made.  Grr.  I will definitely have to figure something out for them.  

I think that's about all of the party activities and decorations!

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Dana said...

That is incredible! Great job! I have zero creativity, so I'm always in awe with what others do! Your kiddos are very lucky indeed :-)