Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Sweet Son

A friend of mine, who teaches kindergarten at Caleb's school, posted this on my wall tonight:

I just have to tell you that yesterday I was admiring Caleb's pink cookie in his lunch & told him how much [my son] likes them. While doing so he shared, with the biggest smile, ..."Today's my sister Abby's birthday.  She is 2! She has this disease...or something like that...and kids who have it only live to be 1. She's already 2, and she's a miracle!  She loves Hello Kitty & we had a Hello Kitty party for her.  These cookies were what we had for it!" 
With tears already in my eyes, I told him that I knew who his sister was & that I prayed for her & him & his family all the time. He thought for a moment, then looked at me and said, "You do?! Do you read about us on my mom's computer?!" I literally could have just eaten him up!!! I know you already know, but I just want to remind you what a sweet, kind, loving little boy you have! He makes me smile every time I see him in lunch because he's always smiling himself! You should be so very proud! ❤

Caleb may be difficult at times, but he truly is a sweet boy who loves his sister with such a pure, selfless love.  I saw that tonight when she was being absolutely ridiculous and he was SO patient with her!  (He also liked that she was the one who had to go to bed early for once!)  My friend's post was a great reminder that Caleb has been forever affected by Abby's story too.  He knows a lot more than he lets on sometimes, and he has shared his fears several times.  He really loves Abby and doesn't want to lose her any more than we do.  He's such a good boy!

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Dana said...

My kids LOVE reading about Abbie and Caleb. My 1st grader, Gabby, LOVES reading about them since she knows their Gramma--LOL. Almost every day they ask me to read an update, or at least show them the pics on here. They were so excited to see the 2nd birthday pictures, showing Abbie then and now.