Thursday, October 11, 2012

A New Friend

There's a new friend in the Leach house tonight.  His name is the D3200 and he is my new Nikon.  Let me give you the brief version of this long, convoluted story!

My camera had been gone for a month, so I called Best Buy to find out what the deal was.  The only correspondence I had received was an email two weeks ago saying that my camera had been fixed.  So imagine my surprise when the Best Buy employee told me that my camera had been "junked out," which means that they would replace it.

This would be fine, except that it voided my warranty--which I still had for 2 more years!

If the company had called me to let me know that they couldn't fix this cosmetic issue, I would have just had them send my camera back.  It worked perfectly fine and I really wanted the assurance of the warranty.

But since they never told me, my camera was long gone and Best Buy is telling me that my warranty is void now and I'll have to buy a new one.  Nooooooooo...

The manager I talked with was less than helpful and just about as polite.  All I wanted was for them to continue my warranty for the next two years, but she said that was impossible.  I hung up extremely frustrated, but resolved to go into the store and talk calmly with someone until he or she did what I wanted.  :)

When I went in, it turns out that my D90 is no longer carried.  They were going to give me something comparable, but they didn't have anything in a Nikon.  They offered me a Canon that was very similar.  I know Canon is a great product, but I am very familiar with Nikons and have already put money into Nikon products.  I wanted them to be used!

What we ended up doing is getting a slightly lesser Nikon D3200, a telephoto lens, an extra battery, and warranties on both the camera and the lens.  I think I got a good deal!

I'm still in mourning over my D90, who will forever have a very special place in my heart.  But I think I can learn to love this D3200 too.  I've only taken a few pictures with it because I was waiting for the battery to charge, but I already like my new lens!

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