Saturday, August 11, 2012

Williamsburg: The Virginia Living Museum

The Viginia Living Museum has a little bit of everything.  It's part aquarium, part zoo, part museum, part I said, a little bit of everything!  Some is inside, and some is outside.  It's pretty big, and you definitely need a map to get around.

Abby loved all of the fish tanks.  She would have stood here all day if we'd let her.  Although, the big fish that swam right up to her startled her a bit!

The poor girl conked out about halfway through, but she saw most of the exciting things.

These beavers were right below our feet!  Abby kept trying to reach in between the rails to touch them! We left the exhibit and I turn around to see Caleb hanging over the guard rail trying to get to them.  He was this close to being beaver dinner, which I told him during my lecture.  The smart alec reminded me that beavers are herbivores.  *sigh*

This was a beautiful waterfall with great landscaping. The boy wasn't into the photo session though.

You could even go right up behind the waterfall, which he thought was super cool.  Abby probably would have too, except that she was snoozing away by this point!

If you're in the Williamsburg/Newport News area and have kids, this is one place where you can definitely spend the day.  I liked the educational aspects, Matt enjoyed the dinosaurs, and Caleb and Abby loved the animals.  Everybody's happy!

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