Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just Like Daddy

Little baby Matt had a baseball shirt made especially for him with the name LEACH on the back.  His mom gave it to us when Caleb was born, and he proudly wore it when he was about 18 months old.  

We thought it fitting to wear it when we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Now Abby is able to wear it!  She's a pretty cute little baseball player!

Caleb and Abby...crazy just like Daddy!  :)

(In case you are wondering...Abby's eyes are not crossing.  She is closely monitored by an ophthalmologist, and it is simply the shape of her face.  It's pretty much just an optical allusion.  We do "the light test" often just to make sure, and I don't really notice it too often anymore.  But it is pretty obvious in this picture!)

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Dana said...

My Gabby's eyes occasionally look like that too, and she's 6, she just has a wide bridge to her nose. I definitely understand :-) I have a lazy eye so I freaked and ran her to 3 optometrists before I was satisfied.

LOVE the baseball shirt. Abby is just too cute and getting so big!!