Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Filling My Bucket

Caleb's teacher (and the whole school, from what I can tell) has been talking a lot about filling each other's buckets.  Basically, doing and saying nice things to others fills their invisible bucket.  Doing something mean makes a little spill out.  So, be a bucket filler, not a spiller!

Can I just tell you how much this simple concept has changed our home?!?!  Caleb has completely embraced the idea and talks often about ways he can fill the buckets of others.  Tonight at the grocery store, he plotted to fill the bucket of the checker who was putting our groceries in our cart! I'm pretty sure the guy's bucket was a little fuller when we left.  :)  We have also been sure to let Caleb know when he has filled our buckets.  He craves praise, so he absolutely loves knowing that he has filled our buckets up.

I never thought that Caleb would be this excited about school!  He LOVES it!  The boy is ready to go a half an hour before the bus gets here, and runs off the bus filling my ears with all they did that day.  He sat right down and did his homework, and didn't fuss at all when I had him redo a few things.  It has been SUCH a transformation in the last week, and we credit that to his phenomenal teacher!  She is so perfect for Caleb.

Just to brag on my boy a tiny bit you know that he has been collecting soda tabs from the other Kindergarteners at lunch?!  He comes home every day and proudly deposits them in our collection bottle.  What a sweet heart for RMH he has!

My boy seems to be thriving in school, and I couldn't be happier!  May this honeymoon last a looooooong time!

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