Thursday, August 23, 2012

Williamsburg: Abby's Pets

Abby discovered her love for chickens on our trip.  They were free range all over the historic sites, and she would get really excited whenever she saw one.  I never did get her to say chicken, but she would yell out a rousing, "Bird!" every time she spotted one--and she had quite an eagle eye!

This gal made her nest in a fire box in a kitchen.  Guess who spotted her?  Abs!

This crazy chicken was inside the oven!  If she only knew the irony of her chosen place of rest.  

One of the people who worked there came to get her out, since they do really bake in there, and she refused to budge.  He ended up using a fire poker to prod her out, and she was none too happy.

He made sure she wouldn't return to her comfy bed, and she proceeded to stand outside of the oven and protest loudly for the next ten minutes.

Take a listen at the angry bird!

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