Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Williamsburg: Our Condo

Let the Williamsburg posts begin!  

We rented a timeshare from a friend of my mom's, who was wonderful about communicating with us and getting us the information we needed.  He even called during the week to make sure everything was okay! 

We've been to timeshares before (Matt has stayed in quite a few) and we both felt like this one was the nicest we have been in.  

This is Caleb's room--he had a queen-sized bed!  He LOVED that he had his own TV, which was never turned on, and promptly dubbed his room The Man Cave.  Abby was allowed occasional visits.

Caleb and Abby's bathroom

Our bathroom (Have I ever mentioned that I really hate using shower stalls in hotels?  I just get the feeling that they don't get truly scrubbed too often, and it totally grosses me out when any part of my body touches the wall.  Believe me, I try really hard not to let that happen.  *Shudder*)

Our bedroom.  We had a California King-Sized bed...HUGE!!!  It was uncomfortably big.  Matt and I joked about being on separate continents.  We could put both Abby and Caleb between us and still none of us touched.  

Abby's "nook" in our bedroom.  She did great just sleeping on the floor!

Our view from the deck.  We could watch mini golf and could also see kids splashing in the pool, although you can't see it in this picture.  

The dining room was quite fancy!  

Ugh...ignore all of the mess.  I really need to learn to take pictures of our rentals before we move in!  The kitchen was tiny, but it had everything we needed.  It's definitely a one-man kitchen though, and Matt and I would bump into each other if we were both in there.  

A washer and dryer are absolute necessities when I look for a rental.  I did 6 loads of laundry over the week, and didn't regret a second of it!  I LOVE coming home and not having to climb a mountain of laundry!!  Plus, we pack a lot less because we plan on washing clothes.  It's a beautiful thing.

The living room (the big couch is a pull-out, although we never used it).  The pillows all lined up are Caleb's doing.  He has a thing with the pillows all being flat and in a neat row. 

So that's the grand tour!  It was really a very nice place.

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