Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sleep Study

Last night's sleep study went okay.  I didn't leave there fully confident that Abby did great, like I did the last time.  She had a few desats where her oxygen levels dropped a bit, and she was working pretty hard to breathe toward the end of the night.  But she made it through without having to stop the study, and the tech was quick to note that her oxygen level was at 100% even though her breathing was a bit labored.  That is a good sign.

The other good news is that there was no sign of apnea, which hopefully means that she will not have to have the jaw surgery.  Our ENT told us that if she had apnea episodes, it would be because the airway was too small and she would need the surgery to open it up.  I'm hoping that no apnea = no surgery.  

So now it's just waiting...again.  The doctor is supposed to call me with the official results and tell me what our next steps will be, but I wasn't given a timeline on that phone call.  I'm hoping to hear by the end of the week.  Abby also has pulmonology tomorrow and a jaw evaluation on Monday, so I'm hoping to charm my way into getting some results from one of them.  The ENT makes the final call, but at least one of those doctors could give me their insights and opinions.

That's where we are now.  And because I love you and feel badly for not posting any pictures of our vacation yet, here's a sweet one of my two favorite kiddos.

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