Thursday, August 16, 2012

Williamsburg: Mini Golf!

Our condo resort included free, unlimited mini golf--as well as a free arcade that Caleb spend waaaaay too much time visiting!  We played twice during the week, although Matt and I would have liked to play more.  Whenever given the choice, Caleb chose the arcade.  I'm so glad I avoid non-educational video games at home!! 

This was Abby's first time "playing" mini golf, and she loved it!  She naturally chose a purple ball, and enjoyed carrying it around, throwing it on the ground, and swinging the club wildly.  Sounds about right!

Matt did try to teach her how to hit the right way, but she was much more content to just keep us on constant look-out for the wild club!

We didn't keep score for the first game, but Caleb claims he won.  No matter how many strokes it took him at a hole, he'd say, "Well, let's just call that a hole-in-one!"  

I don't think we're raising any future Tiger Woods here.

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