Sunday, August 19, 2012

Williamsburg: Free Day

The Thursday of our vacation was dubbed Free Day, since we'd shelled out quite a bit on several of our activities earlier in the week.  I searched around on the internet and found two free activities that sounded pretty cool.

1.  The Space Park
This website boasted of real shuttles, missiles, planes, etc. that the kids could run around and climb on.    Score!  Caleb will LOVE this!  What it didn't say is that there was a crotchety old man running the museum who followed the children from one exhibit to the next, forbidding them to touch anything at all.  Fail.
This gives you a little perspective of just how big this missile was!

This was one of the few planes that didn't have a fence around it, so Caleb was able to go right up to it and stand under the wing.  It was really low to the ground!  His head just barely fit under it.

The second free activity of the day was to a farm run by the local ASPCA.  You could see lots of animals native to Virginia, feed them, learn about farming practices, etc.  Abby loves animals, so we thought this might be fun to do.

Abby is getting acquainted with the goats, yelling, "DOG!!!"

Almost all of the animals there were rescued or ill.  This poor black cow had some issues...

So...Free Day may not have been the most fun day of the entire trip, but it was fine for what it cost... :)

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