Thursday, July 5, 2012

You Might Have Home Nursing If...

When you end a phone conversation at 3 p.m., 11 p.m., or 7 a.m. so that a nurse can sign out.

You have given your husband a dress code so that he doesn't walk around the house in his underwear.

Your non-trached kid thinks he has a playmate who comes to visit every day.

You have to tell the nurse you want to be the one to calm down your crying child.

You have an urge to walk around your house naked, just because you can't.

Your typical four year old tells you she wishes you had an office she could call when you are not nice!

You have ever had someone try to tell you how to bathe your baby.

You wonder if other professions allow you to be 20 minutes late on a regular basis without penalty.

Your five year old blames messes and lost items on the nurse.

Your nurse makes more of a mess than your two children.

You groan when the caller ID says it is your nursing agency.

Your kid uses the oximeter as a "Pavlovian" call, bending her toe to make it go off and get people to come to her.

Your kids ask "Is it a Momma day?" when you begin a neb in the morning.

You have an RN there to care for your child, but you still have to babysit the nurse!

You feel like you're 16 and have a curfew because you have to be home for the nurse to leave.

You've fired someone, in person, while still wearing your bathrobe!

Your nurse tries to answer questions for you when your doctor asks them.

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