Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today was an emotional day, and I have been a bit "leaky."  But it's all happy leaking!

Our speech therapist saw Abby for the first time in a month, and she was very excited about Abby's progress.  When I asked what we needed to focus on now, she said nothing.  She said Abby is doing just what a child her age should be doing, and she is a typically developing talker!

So what do you do when a professional speech therapist with whom you've been working closely for the last 18 months tells you that she no longer has any concerns about your child????

I cried.  

Very happy tears!!!

Then I asked in a worried tone, "You're not going to dismiss her, are you???"  The answer is NO.  Yay!  Abby has a diagnosed medical condition that puts her at risk for delays, so she will remain in early intervention until age 3.  We'll have to see what the IEP process holds for us after that.  For now, I'm very happy to stay under the very knowledgeable eye of Miss C!

Tomorrow, Abby's vent is going to be picked up by our respiratory therapist.  I can't believe that the day has come, and that we will be rid of the vent!  What a great reason to celebrate!!  We're having a little NO MORE VENT! party tomorrow evening with family, complete with a vent cake!

It is still so hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that the doctors were wrong.

Abby is not going to be ventilator dependent for the rest of her life.
Abby can talk, and has caught up so quickly to her peers!
Abby can hear, and hearing aids haven't even been discussed.
Abby can see, and her under-developed optic nerves are within normal limits now.
Abby can eat, and is getting better at it every day!
Abby is working toward decannulation!

I'm so thankful that God chose, and is still choosing, to heal my girl.  Tomorrow is going to be such a good day!!

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